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It is not the number of years you have lived 
that makes you old.
You become old when you stop progressing.

The Mother



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Dedicated to the Mother's vision of Auroville as a place of “unending education and a youth that never ages”, Arka is committed to the Aurovillian ideals of human unity and collectivity in its conception of an innovative project that wants to redefine the notion of aging and the conventional responses to it.


The center will create and environment in which everyone may dedicate themselves to the inner work pertaining to their own individual stage in life, while sustaining a healthy, balanced and harmonious lifestyle. Arka strives to be a self-sufficient centre for seniors who wish to continue living an active, integral spiritual life in spite of possible physical challenges that may occur with age.

Keeping in mind, those who are ‘advanced in age', Arka is not an old age home. We do not view the aging process as exclusive, but inclusive; allowing each individual to maintain their own aspect of autonomy while participating actively in the lives of others around them.

Arka is situated in the heart of Auroville's Residential zone, is within walking distance of the Matrimandir, Kalabhumi, and the Solar Kitchen. It is spread over 2 acres of space surrounded by greenery and lush forests on all sides.

Arka has eleven studios. “Every unit is different in layout from the other to give individuality to each of them”, explains Maria Grazia, an Aurovillian of 22 years and a pioneering executive of the project. “The spaces and bathrooms are all carefully designed so that they correspond with the guest's individual needs.”

Some of the activities through Arka are:

  • Language classes and workshops
  • Basic accounting classes
  • Computers and Internet
  • Cooking, Arts & Crafts, and Photography
  • Yoga and Treatments
  • Talks by eminent thinkers & speakers
  • Group morning and evening activities

The Infrastructure of Arka is pretty impressive in itself: there is a kitchen/restaurant that has the ability to fulfill the special dietary needs of each guest; a computer and internet station with fast speed connection and low ISD phone rates; and plans for a fully stocked library all situated within a beautiful garden environment.

It also has huge rainwater harvesting tank and waste water treatment plant to be used for gardening purposes. Use of Solar power is designed to keep the cost of electricity consumption in common areas low. One of the studios is completely powered by solar, the others, are powered through a combination of solar and electrical power. Solar power is generated and stored for the internet browsing centre, fans, water pumps, and lights.


“Before 30, the energy goes out in a spendthrift way because of the play of impulse.

After 30, there is a settling down and one is expected to have a plenitude of energy. At 50 blossoming begins. At 80, one becomes capable of full production”

Contact: arka@auroville.org.in
mariagrazia@auroville.org.in  - project holder


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