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L'Avenir d'Auroville 2

The Auroville Township Planning and Development Research Organisation


Report 2011 on building
applications and site permissions


Financial report April 2011



Archive: L'Avenir d'Auroville 1

August 2010


The team includes more than the core team of Andy, Cristo, Charles, Gerard, Gilles, Lata, Mona, Min, Pierre, Sauro as well as Ashatit, Renu, Rolf. In fact it includes each and every one of us…

 So far, sincere thanks to:

Anne, Viji, Manoj, Gundolf, Juergen, Neha, Manu, Dheena, Suhasini, Jacques, Ingo, Anbu, Deepti G., Thamu, Kias, Ayyanar, Lalit, Prashant, Toine, Angelika, Frederick, B, Jaya, Isha, Toby, Gilles B., Tency, Ilona, Dirk, Anita, Luigi, Pashi, Adil, Chali, Srinivas Murthy, Mr. Ramaswamy, Doshiji, Ms Mehra, Aster, Kaushal, Tony, Sindhuja, Andreas, Eugene, Gillian, Nikolai, Bertrand, Alain Grancolas, ... and many others.


Vision and Goals


Leverage the elements of “unending education, material and spiritual researches and human unity” from the Charter to offer Auroville to the world as a Centre of Excellence in Innovation. This will help encourage research and experimentation, bring in related human resources, grants and trigger the knowledge economy which could form the fundamental ingredients to take the development of Auroville into the next phase.

Take the vision of the galaxy into the next stage by deriving the grid from the galaxy. The grid will facilitate development and related guidelines for smaller areas whilst not losing sight of ground reality and the beauty and dynamism of galaxy. 




·          Finalise the areas for the next development whilst taking into consideration already ongoing projects.

·          Include key aspects such as economy, education, health and social welfare into planning.

·          Enable the creation of affordable homes for Aurovilians, newcomers and students.

·          Working further with the ISP results, enlarging the Resource Team.


·          Co-ordinate and implement infrastructure.

·          Coordinate Task Forces for the utilities like Water, Electricity, Telecommunications and Waste Water.

·          Finalise the level of roads and plinth level for buildings.

·          Prioritise and invest in key infrastructure projects.

·          Simplify 'Building Application Process'.


·          Develop systems and processes that are efficient, transparent and in-line with Auroville spirit.

·          Create knowledge sharing systems

·          Create a prudent financial management system

·          Make information more accessible

Communication Platform

·          To integrate the initiatives and energy of the community.

·          Aid spatial visualisation of plans and projects.

·          Increase awareness about the responsibilities, constraints and ground realities in the planning process.

·          Create collaborative platforms for consensus building

·          Streamline communication and collaboration processes.

The transition included:

·          Meeting with members from the previous team – Prashant, Toby, Lalit, Pashi, Pino

·          Formal handover from each work-area that covers

-         Ongoing projects, initiatives, studies, ideas

-         Existing documents

-         Existing Plans

-         Ongoing vision to carry forward

L'avenir d'Auroville structure

·          Previous structure: L'avenir Core + Fundraising + Unesco Desk + Liaison + Graphic Section

·          New structure: L'avenir Core (Planning, Development and Administration) + Communication Platform.

·          Fundraising, Unesco Desk and Liaison are now under the Working Committee umbrella. The Graphic Section is becoming a Service Unit.

The Finances

·          Adjusted spending in line with funds available

·          Secured budget from Foundation and BCC

·          Installed control mechanisms

·          All Aurovilians on standard maintenance

·          Outside staff will be hired based on funding available for fixed duration contracts

·          Monthly budget by team has to be agreed

Sought Guidance

·          Organised the meeting with Mr Doshi, Ms Mehra and Aster

-         Arranged sessions with previous team, current team and the community

·          Wrote to all major working groups and GB with an update of the work so far to seek  guidance

Operational processes

·          Dealing with emails

·          Creating subgroups and task forces

·          Using private Auronet space to create history of work

·          Knowledge tree for knowledge management (for documents inherited from the previous team)

Works done in the last 2 months

·          Presentation of “Decoding the Galaxy” (Pierre and Mona, Shashank (student))

·          Guidelines for the Indigo Bazaar - Plot of 12 acres behind the Kali Temple, Kottakarai - (Mona, Ganesh, Aurelio, Pierre, Deepti (post-grad student, CEPT))

-          Co-creating Cafe on Shared Space and results display at Solar Kitchen (Mona, Kaushal (postgrad student, CEPT), Anita, (MIT Team))

-          Location of Language Lab and site permission (Mona, Lata, Gilles, Tapas, Mita, with International Zone Group members)

-          Research paper from Gilles (On Planning Auroville); and the

-          Green Guidelines prepared by Cristo with Green Group

Questions to the community

·          What are the Community priorities?

·          How to enforce the building application process when violated?

·          Enable participation of the ‘Resource pool'?

·          ISP (Integral Sustainability Platform) as a tool for collaborative planning?

·          How to make participative decision making work?


By Rolfartist , 23 Aug 2010

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