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Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Educational Research [SAIIER], Auroville has launched a new bi-annual journal RITAM in August 2003 on material and spiritual researches in Auroville. The objectives are given below. If you wish to receive a hard copy or to have us send it to a friend of yours, please contact Sanjeev at saiier@auroville.org.in. There is no subscription price as yet.
  • This is a journal under SAIIER connecting the various units under its umbrella with the focus on education and other related areas of research.
  • The purpose is to create a space where we express and share our work in Auroville and also invite others to share their perceptions with a view to look at where we stand with reference to the ideal.
  • It will publish articles, interviews etc. which are relevant to the Charter of Auroville, both from people in Auroville as well as those from elsewhere.
  • This journal is for both Aurovilians as well as others who are looking to Auroville for pioneering work in many fields.
  • The goal is to understand better the spirit of Auroville and in that context what we are doing and what further we can do.

Dear readers,

We look forward to your suggestions and comments.
Please email us at unity@auroville.org.in with your views and for any other information. We hope you enjoy this issue! Editor

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