Helping Auroville

Auroville has many projects that require financial support. In this section we provide information how you can help manifest an Auroville project.

List of projects

The following projects have been approved.

Project title Amount in Rs Tax Exemption

The Baul Sacred Music Festival

3,20,845 80G

Management Training and Development (MT&D) Program Fund

4,80,000 80G

White Peacock Clay Club Studio

Rs. 4,64,151

Botanical Garden Kubota Equipment

Rs. 10,00,000 80G

Common Plants Coloring Book Series 1: Common Herbs in Auroville

Rs. 2,61,638 80G

Encyclopedia of Auroville’s Flora 2013

Rs. 4,80,000 80G

Neelanjani Visual Arts Center

Rs. 43,31,331