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Transport Unit

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The main purpose of the unit is to transport Auroville school children to their schools and back home, to bring children to sports and back home, to bring lunch to schools from the Solar Kitchen, to do field trips for schools, and to meet any other need arising in relation to the schools. This continues, but the unit has also committed itself to helping the village children as well. Small children attending Kuilapalayam School, for example, are now being transported by the unit from Edayanchavadi village to their school and back.

Presently the service has 2 buses, 1 van, one carrier, one Jeep and two motorized rickshaws. It also manages the maintenance and running of a bus belonging to Udavi School, one van belonging to the office of the Secretary to the Auroville Foundation, and one van donated for the children going to the Lycee in Pondicherry.

Since 1997 the service has enlarged its scope of operation and now also offers collective transport for adult Aurovilians making trips to Pondicherry three times a week, and for transporting some of the older people to their work place and back home. Special trips are also made to Pondicherry on Darshan Days.

The unit is in process of acquiring a battery powered van for running within Auroville. If this proves successful, it is hoped that all the unit's vehicles can be replaced with battery powered ones in a phased manner.

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