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Sri Aurobindo International Institute
for Educational Research


The Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Educational Research (SAIIER) was created in 1984 to continue and broaden the work that was already under way in developing the educational capacity of Auroville, and to support advances in educational and cultural research. Presently, sixteen years after its founding, there are some 120 researchers working under the Institute umbrella, organised in research teams around the following themes:

  • Experiments in objectives, contents and methods of a new system of education

  • Experiments in fine arts

  • Experiments in village extension work

  • Experiments in physical education

  • Research in special themes such as Indian culture, evolution and Savitri

The Institute is composed of various research units, each of which is autonomous in its functioning and follows a democratic style of internal organisation where decisions are taken as a team. Groups consisting of various educational units, like the Auroville School Board, meet periodically to attend to issues that concern all of them. An all-SAIIER meeting is held twice a year. The administrative work of the Institute is being coordinated from a central office situated at Bharat Nivas.




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Contact: saiier@auroville.org.in



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