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House of Mother's Agenda

This Agenda….
is my gift to those 
who love me.

The Mother









Place for contemplatiion..

There is however somebody who dared this formidable experience. There is somebody who for twenty years, day after day, journeyed in the consciousness of the body, the consciousness of the cells, to find the evolutionary passage. And who not only journeyed but NOTED DOWN her extraordinary exploration like the scientist in his laboratory. For the first time in the history of the earth we have the story of the passage from one species to another. And if we would be told now, today, by which process and which steps and which means one becomes the man after man? Evidently we are too close to understand the phenomenon, but it is an incomparable event… this singular event in the earth's history is called "Mother", and this fabulous exploration in the consciousness of the next species is this extraordinary document called MOTHER'S AGENDA, twenty years of advance and experiences which lead to the discovery of the evolutionary passage, to the "how", the means, the "mechanism", as Mother said, by which one can  start the new movement.



The quiet interior of the House of Mother's Agenda



The House of Mother's Agenda, located nearby Aspiration, next to Pour Tous, is open daily except Sundays. It was originally opened on 30 October 1989 as a meeting point for all seeking to study the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. A major part of the facility is occupied by a lending library, which includes copies of the original French version of Mother’s Agenda, as well as various translations and cassettes of this important work. A tape-recorder is available for Aurovilians to listen to the records of Mother's experiences.


Indexes to the 13 volumes of Mother’s Agenda have been prepared to facilitate their study. Compilations are done and distributed, as in 1999 ‘The Aims of Auroville’ and in 2000 ‘Divine Love’, based mainly on the Agenda. Since ten years, a weekly contribution for the ‘Auroville News’ has been selected by the H.O.M.A. team from Sri Aurobindo's, Mother's and Satprem's works.

Study groups

Regular study meetings and language classes are held in the H.O.M.A. premises as well.

Martin is a steady presence in the centre and attends to requests from visitors


Contact: martinez@auroville.org.in

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