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T'ai Chi Chuan in the Chi Hall, Sharnga

"The Inner Way T'ai Chi Chuan is the work of Chan (Zen in Japanese language) masters who basically rejected all the writings, all ideologies. Their message wasn't a verbal one. They encoded their knowledge in a different language, the body language. The postures, the positions, the movements they left us contain the genetic code of their knowledge."  
V. Stevanovitch

Inner listening

We are teaching energetic techniques such as Nei Chia (Inner Way).
We are teaching the Inner Listening.
In order to trust our feelings, we are trying to get rid of our 'certitudes', our 'knowledge', our rules and our theories and, eventually, be free of all these external models that are misleading and dimming our perceptions.

This is a very practical work. The body, the muscles are involved. This work doesn't make, however, any division between the physical and mental planes of our being. They are interwoven!

Outer, inner oneness

Similarly, the research of Chi manipulation techniques as practiced in the School of the Inner way is interwoven with the search for the right movement, free from imposed and habitual patterns. It is as groundless to practice the 'outer' form of T'ai Chi Chuan without the supporting awareness of the flow of Chi, as to practice these 'inner' Chi techniques without realising and implementing them through the 'outer' T'ai Chi Chuan movements.

The work is pleasant and should become easy.

Body logic

We are listening to our bodies, we never go beyond our limits. And it has nothing to do with martial competitiveness: we are looking for the body logic to come back.
The Inner Way T'ai Chi Chuan is a remarkable tool to achieve this. Its
martial arts originated postures enhance the body's logic, resulting in easy natural movement. While their martial arts effectiveness may have lost its interest for us, their energetic efficiency remains a genuine treasure which allows us to free the body from its restraints and re-find its true spontaneity.
Such is our quest, going along with life. Resulting health and joy are reflecting that. Do we need to say that this quest into our inner world is endless?

The smile..

"Let's keep our feet on the ground. Don't get carried away. And don't take it too seriously! The Inner Way T'ai Chi Chuan's secret weapon, its most effective technique is the smile.."          
 V. Stevanovitch

Chi Hall in Sharnga

In the Chi Hall of the 'School of the Inner Way' located in Auroville's Sharnga settlement, we share this yang style technique, both its short and long forms.


Workshops in Tai Chi Hall is organized by the following schedule:

  • 3 weeks of intensive workshops in every January, February, August and September;
  • 1 week of intensive workshops in each of other months.



Taught by Marco, the workshops are directed towards:
Mastery of the body through breathing and muscular relaxation.
Improvement of movement through balance and coordination.
Learning to mobilize Chi. First perceiving it, then guiding it in one's body with the use of three factors: will, imagination and muscular activity.

One week intensive workshops for beginners:
These workshops are from 7.30am to 10.30am and will cover Chi basics, a few Chi Qong exercises, a few of the Brocades and the beginning of the 24 form.


Three week intensive workshop for beginners:
This workshop is from 7.30am to 10.30am from Mondays through Saturdays and will teach the mobilization of the Chi,  the whole 24 form, 11 Chinese Chi Qong exercises and 8 Brocades.


Regular classes:
Tuesday 7.30 - 8.30am Chi; 8.30 - 9.30am 24-form
Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30am 24-form
Thursday - Saturday 7.30 - 8.30am 108-form

These classes are suspended during workshops and vacations (Jan 10 Jan 15, Jan 31 Feb 19)

Registration and Tariff
Information and booking: Krishna Ph. +91 (0) 413 2622432
E-mail: taichi@auroville.org.in

For Aurovilians, Newcomers, Guests working in Auroville and Ashramites the courses are free of cost.

All the workshops are conducted at the Tai Chi Hall in Sharnga.
For boarding and lodging arrangements please contact: www.aurovilleguesthouses.org .
Our courses are done in English but we take care of French and Italian speaking participants as well, nevertheless a basic English understanding is needed.
Please confirm your participation at least 10 days before, don't hesitate to contact Krishna again if needed.

We do not have a fee for our regular weekly practice classes though we do appreciate contributions.

See also: www.taichiinnerwayschool.org and www.artduchi.com



see also: www.tantien.com/india/

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